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Our Money with Yours.   Focused Investment Research.   Concentrated Portfolio Management.   Long-Term Approach.

These are the central ideas behind the GoodHaven Fund, managed by Larry Pitkowsky and Keith Trauner of GoodHaven Capital Management, LLC. For most of the previous decade, Larry and Keith held research, portfolio management, and executive positions with Fairholme Capital Management, LLC and its affiliated Fairholme Fund.

Stated simply, we are trying to make a few intelligent business decisions with the money our shareholders have invested (including significant sums of our own), earn a competitive rate of return when compared to lower risk alternatives, and do it without relying on risky leverage to magnify the results. We try to dig deep to understand the companies in which we invest and when we find a great investment, we try to make the results meaningful for our shareholders by concentrating the Fund's portfolio in our best ideas.

For additional information please call toll-free 1-855-OK-GOODX (1-855-654-6639).

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